Meet Your Care Team

We have an experienced team of certified clinicians, enthusiastic about providing in-home health screenings using cutting edge technology. Janet, Lauren and Lisa are our featured clinicians!

Janet S.- RN, BSN

Certs and Awards: BLS, ACLS, PALS, 2015 Cameos of Caring Honoree
Specialties:  ED, ICU, PCU

Janet received her nursing degree from Penn State University. She is a big fan of the Nittany Lions and her two chocolate labs.  

Favorite part about Pittsburgh: All the new restaurants

Best part about being a nurse: The nursing family

Trademark: I carry Hershey's kisses everywhere. They make everything better.

Lauren W.- RN, BSN

Certs and Awards: SOHN, ONS
Specialties:  Oncology, ENT, Surgical, Pediatrics

Lauren received her nursing degree from George Washington University. She is a mother of three and a die hard hockey fan.

Why she decided to become a nurse: My mother was a stay at home mom. I really wanted a job but also really loved the idea of taking care of kids for a living.

Best part of working with Clinic To Door: Flexible schedule lets me see more of my kids sporting events.

Trademark: Colorful shoes.

Lisa L. – RN, BSN

Certs and Awards: BLS, ACLS, Med-Surg Cert.
Specialties:  ED, Med Surg, Oncology, Acute Skilled

Lisa received her nursing degree from Pitt and aside from a few years on the west coast, is a life long Pittsburgh resident.

Favorite part about Pittsburgh: My family and friends are all here.

Cats or dogs: Cats, two of them. They aren't as needy

Trademark: I have an funny collection of coffee mugs. I always have one with me.


The Clinic To Door Team

Licensed and Board Certified

Registered Nurses


Physicians Assistant

Physical and Occupational Therapists

Speech Language Pathologists