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Address the care gaps in high deductible health care with Supplemental Health Benefit Plans for your employees and their families.



Lower Health Care Costs: Preventive Care is proven to reduce long term health expenditures. Regular screenings and other health efforts can reduce premiums for employers and their employees.


Improve Employee Health: Health screenings and regular preventive health efforts can greatly improve the quality of a work place, improving efficiency and reducing missed days. Be a leader in workplace health and wellness.


Excellent Employee Benefits: Providing employees with access to preventive care is a high value benefit in todays health care environment. Healthcare benefits are a major factor in employment decisions.  

Starting at $40 per month!

Private. Professional. Personal. 

Supplemental Preventive Health Plans are an HIPPA secure employee benefit designed to compliment the existing health care plans of employees. Rising premiums and deductibles have led to a reduction in preventive health. These plans incentive employees and their families to take a proactive approach to managing their health. Employee health and wellness is a marker of the health and success of a company. Avoiding sick days, improving efficiency, and reducing corporate healthcare expenditure are only the beginning. A healthy workplace is a happy workplace. Give your company the tools to be well and thrive. 


Zero Set Up Fees easy startup

Our Goal is to get your employees happy and healthy. Their supplemental preventive health plans are packaged and ready . Benefits can be arranged as fully or partially subsidized.  

Direct Employee Booking

Employees and their families will have access to the Clinic to Door online and on-demand booking platform. Appointments with clinicians can be made for the home or office. 

On-Boarding and Workshops

Clinic to Door will come to the workplace and provide employees with baseline screening, health and wellness education, and information on how to best take advantage of their benefits. 

Our business is keeping your business healthy.

Clinic To Door offers a variety of care solutions for businesses. Healthy employees are happy employees.

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